Special Issue! Nabla releases its Copilot to give doctors their time back.

February 2023

Also: diabetes drugs debacles, fairness algorithms & sexercise.
Also: Size matters, Reddit predicts drug overdoses & unexciting intercourse.

January 2023

Also: The caregiver crisis, TikTok undermines birth control awareness & wearable tech rules.
Also: Abortion pill delivery, impact of gut microbes on running performance & Dry January's effect on your sex life.
Also: Digital health unequal access, cough syrup letdowns & sexy resolutions

December 2022

Also: antimicrobial resistance sucks, the Lensa app is hell waiting to happen, Christmas dinner body science & more.
Early christmas present, folks, courtesy of your crispy healthcare sandwich and Nabla.
Also: AI offsets shortages of healthcare staff, menopause-at-work market, AirPods hearing aids & more.

November 2022

Also: Mayo clinic tests AI models for bias, tech-based solutions to bullying, Crispr cancer therapy & more.
Also: Youtube certifies healthcare professionals, TikTok causes diabetes drug shortages, digital exercise nudges work & more.

October 2022

Coming in hot, one more healthcare newsletter you never asked for. But I promise, we’re cooler.