What is The Healthcare Hoagie 🥪?

The Healthcare Hoagie🥪 is Nabla’s crispy TL;DR sandwich of news and trends for all things healthcare.

Every other Tuesday, we'll (reasonably) flood your inbox with :

  • 💡 Some recent happenings in the health tech or public health space.

  • 🔎 A societal insight through the lens of health and technology.

  • 🗞️ A bunch of neat news because the world doesn't have to be that bad.

  • 🔬 Cool and surprising health facts to impress colleagues and in-laws.

  • 🧼 Clean content to inspire you.

  • A surprise 🍑

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The Healthcare Hoagie🥪 was born out of two realizations:

  1. Trying to get concise information about healthcare can feel like peeling endless layers of a very smelly, tear-inducing onion.

  2. Healthcare has very strong comedic potential.

The Healthcare Hoagie🥪 tries to leverage both of these elements to bring you content that is informative and at the same time (hopefully?) funny.

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